L.O.V.E. Gratitude

Thank you everyone for watching the premiere and the making of 'L.O.V.E.' music video tonight! Thank you for your kind words, comments and endless support. As any other film-making projects, this one too is a result of a great collaborative team effort. I owe it to these awesome, hardworking people for the video’s success:

Edwin and Shimy from The Music Video Grant for approving my pitch and gave me the opportunity and guide in making the video.

Dodo aka Austin for believing in my crazy idea and gave me the responsibility and freedom to direct his first music video. Mack, his producer for the dope beats.

Dina for being one of the coolest people to work with. Truly one of the talented artists in the biz! Hibat, her manager for being so helpful and supportive. Chicka, her makeup artist for doing an amazing job on all the talents.

Suchi for brave enough to accept the challenge to do her first acting debut. You are a natural!

Pidosh for art direction, sourcing for props, building the sets and project consultations. Hang memang terror! 

My long time buddy and collaborator Fairuz of Avicenna Studio for the amazing camera work, great shots and lighthing. We did it yo! Dhan, his assistant for all the help. Hatta, his photog for shooting Austin for the vinyl cover, poster and photo props. Also for letting us shoot at their studio for the-making of bits.

Jonny and Kong for the all the help and hardwork during the 14 long hours of shoot. You guys are the heroes!

Nisa for keeping up and fulfilling my request of getting and maintaining the 1950’s look for all the wardrobe and styling. You are a magician lah!

Aunty Sherry for letting us go through her massive collections of authentic antics and getting the gramophone, clock, fan, etc. for props.

Fariz from Motiofixo for lending us his projector and tips on shooting video projection.

Robbie for letting us use his dashing 1959 MG MGA convertible, which I might add is one of the video’s main casts too!

Abg Bai from Ribu Vision for letting us use his awesome studio.

Yuen from Asia Film Equipments for the lighting, smoke machine, fan and other equipments.

Mimi for the last minute storyboarding. You are the doodle master!

Sub for the extra lightings and bulbs.

Irwan, Vickie and everyone at Astro Hitz for the continuous support!

Families and friends who helped in anyway during the making of the video.

Last but not least, my lovely wife Nadia for the support since day one helping out with the script writing, preparations, and lending her MacBook for editing. I love you sayang!

I hope I didn’t leave anyone out!

If you missed the show premiere or want to watch it again, catch the replay starting tomorrow until the end of January on Astro Hitz Channel 705. See this programme guide for info(Episode 9).

Thank you again everyone. It was a great learning process, an invaluable and rewarding experience for me. I know this knowledge will come into great use and contribute to my filmmaking adventures. Until the next video… IT’S A WRAP!

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